Online shopping ecommerce

There is a lot of taboo that surrounds the online shopping / eCommerce culture.

During the COVID pandemic, a lot of businesses took their shops online by getting eCommerce websites, and consumers started relying more on shopping online and enjoyed the instant gratification that came from doing their shopping online.

What are the benefits of getting an online eCommerce shop?

Well, there are multiple benefits, that can grow your business and clientele in new ways:

  1. Overheads are low.  I charge a once-off fee to set up your eCommerce website from start to finish, thereafter hosting is very affordable.
  2. Easy to manage. I provide all the training you need to manage your eCommerce website.
  3. Expand your reach to new zones. If you only had a physical shop, you would only attract customers who can walk in. With an online shop, you are able to reach more customers, from other provinces and ship your products to them.
  4. Reach new customers.  With an online shop, and with the help of proper online marketing, you can acquire so many new customers that you did not have before.
  5. Online payments.  With safe secure Payfast integration, money is in your wallet before you ship your products out.
  6. Your store is open 24/7.  You don’t have to be on standby or be available for your eCommerce shop to do business.  You tend to your new orders when are available.

It is so easy to set up an eCommerce shop and get new exposure for your business.  With a reliable web designer, or if you have the patience to learn how to do it yourself, you can start reaching new clientele and service customers in new provinces.

What kind of businesses can sell online?

If you sell physical, digital or even some services, you qualify to take your business online.

Retail shops: With an eCommerce website easily sell your products online. Manage stock, load new, and remove old products easily.  Manage your orders and notify your client during the whole process.

Sell Digital Products:  You sell digital products such as prints, books, manuals etc.  Simply set your eCommerce website up to allow customers to download your product after they have gone through the checkout process.

Service Providers:  Do you provide a service such as tutoring, a hair salon etc?  I create websites that allow your customers to book and pay online.  If you sell products, give them the option to buy directly from your website.

Membership Websites:  Do you require your clients to pay a monthly fee to subscribe to content on your website?  Easily done, give your clients a dashboard to view your new releases or a list of information that only they can access with their unique login details.   Monthly prescription fees will be deducted from their accounts, with ease of cancelling at any time.

For every business, there is a solution.  If you don’t see yours in the list above, feel free to contact me and we will discuss your eCommerce requirements.

In this digital age, it is prudent that businesses stay up to date with the latest technology in order to stay competitive in their industries.  The truth is, if you don’t have an eCommerce website, chances are that your competitor does, and they are already benefitting and creating revenue, that could have come through your website.

It is never too late to start. Chat to me today and let’s get your online shop up and running!