Are you wondering: “What’s a logo kit?”

A logo kit is when I create a folder with all the necessary formats required for you to use your logo in any medium or form.  This includes different file types as well as the fonts and graphics used to create your logo.

It is recommended to have a vector format of your logo.  This is necessary when you do different web and print projects so that your logo can be scaled and resized whilst maintaining its crips quality.

In my experience, I have taken on many new clients who only have a flat design of their logo. If you only have a flat design of your logo with no other information you may run into the following issues:

You don’t know what font was used.

In the event that you do not know which font was used when your logo was created, you may have to live with the fact, that you won’t be able to standardize the rest of your stationery, print or web media.

A graphic designer can try and find your logo’s fonts on the internet, or find a font similar to what you have, but understand that it is a tedious process.  Sometimes I have been lucky and found a font right away.  Other times, I had to settle with finding a similar font.

You may have to pay a graphic designer to redraw your logo.

It’s not ideal, but it’s a solution.  Sometimes fonts simply cannot be found, and a graphic designer will have to redraw your logo.  This means your font will just be a picture.

Your logo may not be compatible with certain print projects.

Having a logo kit prevents hiccups when it comes to branding and printing your logo.   Your logo may look great on screen, but as soon as it gets printed on a brochure it’s blurry and pixelated.  This is because viewing a graphic on your screen requires much less resolution, and printing requires a high-resolution file to make the design look crisp and clean.

Why do you need a logo kit?

As much as I prefer having returning clients, having a client return because I provided them with an insufficient service, not only irritates my client but wastes my time to go back and redo designs.

So with all my logo designs, I provide logo kits.  With the logo in different formats, and with the fonts, which I then store on my Google Drive.  I sent the client a link where they can download the kit, but not delete it so that even I have a backup of it forever and ever.